The Bar With No Name BAND Schedule changes 

Hello...  Recently the Bar With No Name, RT 512 exit in Bethlehem has decided it will NOT host ANY bands there as of July 2012.  Marc, the Bar's manager, loved Nakked Soul Band and will seek opportunities to book NAKKED SOUL BAND whenever he has a chance in the future.  He also thanked all our FANS as "Classy people"........ but we already knew that.  We will miss the staff at The Bar With No Name.!

New Front singer 

NAKKED SOUL welcomes  Nicole "Nikki" Simmons front vocalist alongside Malcolm Stewart. Together they put down the funk songs in Harmony.  Also, JUNE THOMAS graces NAKKED SOUL with her keyboard mastery AND strong vocal presence.  Her harmony guidance molds the threesome into a powerful package. Hearing the 3 power singers is a "must hear" event.

Video coming 

We have invested in a nice high tech camera with high resolution.  Amazing how technology advances.  LOOK FOR THE VIDEO IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS.


We have just finished the musical content of our new Demo.  We will be adding the vocals and then Mix-down.  Afterwards it will be on our website and Demo sample CD's.  Best estimate for time frame is definitely BEFORE the end of this MAY and most likely the week before.  Check back. It will play when the site opens.

New Additional Singer 

Stephanie has joined Nakked Soul as a Premiere front vocalist. Together with Malcolm we have a powerful front team. Check us out. We continually add new songs so the show stays fresh !

Lady Tee has added her talents to NAKKED SOUL Band. "Tee's" vocals are powerful and beautiful and she is a "must see."

We are excited to find a precise Bass Lady as Gina Balducci !  Gina is an articulated professional. Teaching and living her craft on a daily basis.  Take a moment to talk to her the next time you see Nakked…

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